Ronald E. "Ron" Lais was convicted in Orange County Superior Court of 24 counts of practicing law without a license.

On September 26, 2005, Judge William Froeberg sentenced Lais to 14 years in the penitentiary.  Lais was paroled from prison in 2010.

Lais' former website (http://www.laislaw.com) as of September, 2010, is in Japanese and appears to promote "debt consolidation" among other things.


According to Lais' California Bar Record, he was admitted to practice law in 1975.

A newspaper article in the San Francisco Chronicle details many of Lais' activities in the 1990's.

According to the California State Bar, Lais was disciplined and suspended on August 13, 1999.  Lais was again disciplined and suspended from the State Bar on December 1, 2000.

Lais resigned from the California State Bar with charges pending against him in 2001.  Lais' California Bar Record contains more information.

According to the Orange County Prosecutors office, Lais continued to represent himself as a lawyer, advertising his services on the Internet, and representing himself as a child custody specialist even though he was no longer licensed to practice law.

The Orange County Prosecutor brought charges.  In 2005, Lais was convicted on 25 counts of practicing law without a license.  One count was dropped making the final number 24.

Ron Lais became a convicted felon in the State of California and was sentenced to prison.

Orange County Register writer Frank Mickadeit who followed Lais' case for several months recounted the sentencing:  "It began with a parade of Lais victims coming to the microphone, most recounting how they'd hired him to help in a child-custody case, paid him thousands in fees and got little in return."

Ron Lais served a little over 5 years in California's Folsom Prison for his crimes.

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